How to Plot Bar Graphs in Excel?

Learn How to Plot Bar Graphs in Excel with easy steps and a simple example. A bar graph is a diagram with rectangular bars. The graph usually compares or shows the relationship between two different categories.

How to Plot Bar Graphs in Excel?
How to Plot Bar Graphs in Excel?

Microsoft Excel – Plotting Bar Graphs

A graph is a diagram that shows the relationships between two or more things. Bar graphs, pie charts, linear graphs, etc are some examples of a graph. Graphs are very useful tools to present the data in a meaningful way.

Let us take an easy example to see how can we plot a bar graph. I am using Excel 365 application but the same steps can be followed in other excel versions too.

Step 1: Make the Data Table

Our requirement is the data where 2 Categories are related. We have taken some random data as shown below i.e prices of the various articles.

Step 2: Select the table and Go to the Insert option in the Menu

Step 3: Go to Charts where all the graph options are available. Select the ‘Bar Graph’ option.

Step 4: Choose the bar graph style as per your requirements or choice. You will see your bar graph ready on the same sheet at the center.

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