How to remove duplicate data in Excel?

How to remove duplicate data in excel? When we have data in a Microsoft Excel sheet with many duplicate entries and we only need to use the unique entries. Then Excel provides with you an option where you can remove all the duplicate data which might not be useful for you.
Let us see how can we remove the duplicate entries with the option available in Excel.

How to remove duplicate data in Excel?

Step 1: Collecting/getting the data.
Duplicate entries in the Data column of the data table with values.

In the column named ‘Data,’ you can observe the duplicate entries highlighted in yellow.

Step 2: Select the column containing the data.
Selecting the column in which we have to remove the duplicate entries.

You can select the column by clicking at the top of the column or you can select it manually.

Step 3: Go to Excel Menu Bar and Find the ‘Data’ option in the menu bar.


Click on the data tab and you will see all the tools available under the tab.

Step 4: Go to the “Remove Duplicates” option available in the data tab.

Sometimes the option is clearly visible and sometimes we just see the icon. So, hover the mouse over the icon if you are not sure about it.

You will see the description as shown below.


See the icon carefully as you can recognize it whenever required. Click on the option.

Step 5: After launching the option you will be prompted with a warning message.
A warning message has two options.
Expand the selection:

Checking this option will remove the corresponding values in the same rows where duplicate values are present. When we don’t need the values corresponding to the duplicate entries then we use this option.

In the next step, it will ask for the columns from where the corresponding values are to be removed too.

Here in this example, we selected column D, where we have Values.

We use this ‘Expand the selection’ option to make sure that the values corresponding to the required entries don’t get disturbed when we remove the duplicate values. 

As you can observe, we have removed the duplicate entries from the Column ‘Data’ and also the corresponding values of the required entries are not disturbed too.